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Koi Carp by EminA-SakurA-17 Koi Carp by EminA-SakurA-17
Koi Carp from Ayakashi Ghost Guild

She was known as Koi CRAP due to her original art that many disliked.

The 2nd HW event of AGG, she had made a comeback, still ditsy as ever, but somehow there was a hint that she was powerful (?).
I don't know if there was an actual story of a carp becoming a dragon, but somehow there was a joke before that the Kashinkoji's BG art were dragons but actually it was a bunch of koi carps...and the joke is that the koi carp became a dragon...(the conversation got some hints of green jokes) Anyway, Magikarp became a Gyarados right?

The idea came up because of the mentioned speculation that I had about koi carp perhaps will become a dragon?? who knows...I quit AGG already~ 

This was suppose to go to the AGG fanbook, but, oh well~ no longer know what happened haha.

Watercolor =u=
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April 24, 2014
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